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Become Your True Self

get ready to change your life

“We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive.
He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love.”

Martin Luther King Jr.


To help you BECOME your true self, we use an innovation counselling technique called NEW DECISION THERAPY (NDT).

NDT is a highly effective approach because it is used to safely access information hidden in the subconscious and quickly resolve the emotions linked to them. This innovative technique was developed by Dr. Kandis Blakely, a licensed psychotherapist more than 20 years ago. The technique, which combines ACUPRESSURE with a FORGIVENESS-BASED process, is extremely effective at uncovering emotions present in the body and the specific moments in time when those emotions first became PROBLEMATIC.

This therapeutic process wakes people up to the ways in which unresolved emotions from the PAST sustain patterns of repetition and compulsion that lead to poor mental health, lack of clarity in making decisions, an inability to enjoy relationships and fully embrace who they are in the PRESENT.



Some clients come to our practice expecting traditional talk therapy. They desire to speak with me for 1 hour with the expectation that I help them to clarify through conversation what is bothering them. Our process is totally different from traditional talk therapy. All sessions include a comprehensive assessment of your emotional well-being using 12 acupressure or meridian points on the body. We use a strength test commonly used by chiropractors to assess for emotional imbalances you may be experiencing and the specific moment in time when the imbalance began.


All session include an assessment of: 1) The Thymus which controls the balancing of our life energy; 2) the Circulation-Sex meridian where we feel regret, remorse, sexual tension, jealousy, and stubbornness; 3) the Heart meridian where we feel love, forgiveness, and anger. The power of NDT lies in its ability to quickly identify something called a Last Straw Moment – a significant event that caused an individual to unconsciously make the decision to stop living fully and instead develop repetitive and compulsive thoughts, fears, and behaviours that sabotage their ability to live a happy, healthy life.


Once the Last Straw Moment is identified each client is moved through a systematic process of forgiving all individuals connected to the event. We identify all individuals present at the time of the event and explore your emotional (dis)connection to them. For those individuals who elicit negative emotional response, we help you forgive them. Throughout the entire process, knowledge, insights, and revelation that illustrate the connection between your emotional health and the last straw moment are offered to support your release from the hold the event has had on your life.


The typical NDT process is about 5 to 8 SESSIONS.

Sessions 1 to 5 focuses primarily on balancing of the Thymus, Circulation-Sex meridian and Heart meridians using the body assessment and systematic forgiveness process outlined above. Most importantly the process brings to light patterns of repetitive and compulsive thoughts, fears, and behaviours associated with the Last Straw Moment that limit decision making, development of strong relationships, or a sense of connection with self and all others.

Sessions 6 to 8 incorporates the use of affirmations to help each client develop and/or strengthen the gifts they were born with and connect their daily life with the purest and deepest desires of their heart – BECOME TRUE SELF.

``The foolish neither forgive nor forget

The niave forgive and forget.

The wise forgive and remember.``

Thomas S. Szasz

Do I have to be spiritual to benefit from this therapy?

Our therapeutic process is guided by a Christian perspective, however, we work with clients from all faiths. We also recognize that many people are spiritual without being Christian or religious. Most important, we recognize that forgiveness is embedded in almost every religion practiced on the planet.

We believe that an openness to the divine is powerful component of this therapy, however it is totally up to our clients if they choose to formally incorporate spirituality in the therapeutic process. We believe it is important that we at least offer our clients this option.