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The body, mind, and spirit are not only connected, they balance each to support our optimal health and well being. An imbalance in one, will eventually lead to an imbalance in all.


BECOMING THERAPY is a counselling/coaching technique that helps every individual become their true self. The technique uses ACUPRESSURE to assess the emotional problems each client may be experiencing and the precise moment in time when the problem began. Next, a systematic FORGIVENESS PROCESS is used to help the individual let go of the pain and fears formed during those specific moments. We also look at the ways in which those fears continue to negatively influence each clients life, health, relationships, or career. Throughout the therapeutic process, SPIRITUAL WISDOM that address our higher calling to love and live fearlessly is taught to each client. This unique and powerful approach helps every client begin living a life filled with joy, hope, excitement, and energy.


For centuries, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has held a keen understanding of the energetic body. According to TCM, there is a energy network called the Meridian System that exist in the body and along which vital energy flows and maintains life. The term meridian or meridians is just a symbol to represent the whole meridian system internationally, but, actually includes meridians, collaterals, and subcollaterals. There are 14 meridian channels (main channels) distributed longitudinally on human body while the collaterals and subcollaterals are smaller branched channels extending from the primary meridian channels (Zhang, Wang, & Fuxe, 2015).

An important concept related to the meridian system is Qi, an essential substance and energy of the body, that flows through the meridian channels, collaterals, and subcollaterals. Qi is different from blood, but spreads throughout all organs/tissues and is essential for sustaining life. While blood and Qi cannot exist in isolation, they each have their own channels through which they flow: Blood flows in vessel called veins and arteries. Qi, flows in the interspaces of muscles or the interstices between different tissues such as bones, muscles, and vessels which are mostly distributed longitudinally in our body (Xie, Li, & Zhang, 2009).

As early as 1987, researchers were able to use a technique called the “Bi-digital O-Ring Technique” to accurately detect meridians and acupuncture points that correspond to the 12 main internal organs.

(Omura, 1987; Omura, 1989)


Becoming Therapy incorporates the works of Dr. George Good Heart, Dr. John Diamond, Dr. Kandis Blakely, and Dr. Joan Samuels-Dennis.

Dr. George Goodheart, a chiropractor and founder of Applied Kinesiology, discovered the relationship between the meridians and the major muscles of the body. He found that correcting the performance of a muscle would also restore the energy flow along the meridian associated with that muscle.

Dr. John Diamond, is among the first psychiatrist to study and make the link between the body meridians and our emotions. He extended Dr. Goodheart’s work by developing the Acupuncture Emotional System (AES) which links each of the twelve meridians with an emotional state. For instance, the liver meridian is correlated with the emotion of happiness. So, if Qi is diminished in that meridian for some reason, a person will feel unhappy. In keeping with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Diamond suggests that illness always begins at energy level. A stressor (mental or physical) will trigger a reaction or particular emotional state. This emotional state causes a reduction or imbalance in energy in a particular meridian. If this emotional state persists it will eventually lead to a disease or illness in the associated meridian/organ.

Dr. Kandis Blakely, was one of the first psychotherapist, to uncover the power of forgiveness in permanently balancing the body meridians using a method called New Decision Therapy (NDT). NDT extended Dr. Good Heart's and Dr. Diamonds work by moving beyond balancing the system with affirmations or positive thoughts to helping the individual understand how events of the past connect to repetitive patterns of speech, thought, and behaviours that stop the individual from remaining in a state of balance.


Dr. Joan Samuels-Dennis, a nurse philosopher specializing in mental health promotion. After examining the work of Dr. Good Heart, Dr. Diamond, and Dr. Blakely from a Christian perspective, she recognized that all emotions connected to the body meridians fall into two broad categories: LOVE and FEAR.

Dr. Samuels-Dennis recognized that energetically, each of us record on the body meridians moments when we feel unloved, disconnected, or fearful. Unloving moments are exemplified by experiences like being bullied at school, childhood abuse, or spousal abuse. Disconnection is exemplified by moments like the death of a loved one or a temporary separation from a parent. Fear extends itself across many moments but is most intensely felt during traumatic moments when ours or a loved one's life is threatened. This understanding lead Dr. Samuels-Dennis to develop two Biblical concepts that are foundational to Becoming Therapy: The Record of Wrongs and Love Lessons.

The Record of Wrongs is a stream of interconnected memories of moments when we feel unloved. The record creates an imbalance in the meridian system until all moments are forgiven and an understanding of how the very first moment of feeling unloved links to all other moments is revealed.


Embedded within each Record of Wrongs is our unique love lesson or an understanding of what we desire love to look like for ourselves and all others. Our unique moments of feeling unloved, disconnected, and fearful have a purpose. They teach us what love is. Every experience identified in the record of wrongs help us learn what love is, by first teaching us it is not. Dr. Samuels-Dennis believes that once our love lesson is clearly revealed through a forgiveness process, we create balance within the entire system. When the system is balanced we love, experience health, happiness, and have the power and energy to live a purpose-driven life. Our relationships are peaceful, and filled with faith and hope.

Woven into our therapeutic process is the belief that the single purpose for every life on the planet is to learn how to love. Love God with all that we are. Love every other human on the planet. Love ourselves. In our daily lives, love is characterized by qualities such as kindness, patience, hope, forgiveness, respect, being easy going, protective, enduring, calm, gentle, supportive, trusting, accepting, and righteous (1 Corinthians 13). Love is the most excellent gift. Becoming Therapy opens the door to LOVE.

“We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive.
He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love.”

Martin Luther King Jr.



Some clients come to our practice expecting traditional talk therapy. As might be typical of most counselling technique, they desire to speak with our therapists for about 1 hour with the expectation that the therapist help them to clarify through conversation what is bothering them. Our process is completely different. All sessions include a comprehensive assessment of the 12 meridian points on the body. We use a strength test commonly used by chiropractors to assess for imbalances you may be experiencing and the specific moment in time when the imbalance began.


All sessions include an assessment of: 1) The Thymus which controls our general health and wellbeing; 2) the Circulation-Sex meridian where we feel guilt, regret, remorse, sexual tension, jealousy, and stubbornness; 3) the Heart meridian where we feel love, forgiveness, and anger. The power of Becoming Therapy lies in its ability to quickly identify the specific year, month, and day a memory was recorded. Once a moment is identified, the therapist/coach moves each client through a systematic process of forgiving all individuals connected to that moment.


For every individual that moves through this powerful process, the record of wrongs is unique and so are the love lessons. This is what makes our work such a joy and pleasure. The process reveals to every client a link between the record of wrongs and the development of life patterns that sabotage our ability to live a happy, healthy, and satisfying lives. Biblical insights related to love, compassion, forgiveness, and living with purpose are used to support new patterns in thinking, speaking, and living.


The typical Becoming Therapy process is about 5 to 8 SESSIONS.

Sessions 1 to 5 focuses primarily on balancing of the Thymus, Circulation-Sex meridian and Heart meridians using the body assessment and forgiveness process as outlined above. Most importantly the process brings to light patterns of repetitive and compulsive thoughts, fears, and behaviours associated with the RECORD OF WRONGS that limit decision making, development of strong relationships, or a sense of connection with self and all others.

Sessions 6 to 8 incorporates the use of SPIRITUAL TEACHINGS to help each client develop and/or strengthen the gifts they were born with and connect their daily pursuits with service that connects to loving God, ourselves and all others – BECOME TRUE SELF.

``The foolish neither forgive nor forget

The niave forgive and forget.

The wise forgive and remember.``

Thomas S. Szasz

Do I have to be spiritual to benefit from this therapy?

Our therapeutic/coaching process is guided by a Christian perspective, however, we work with clients from all faiths. We also recognize that many people are spiritual without being Christian or religious. Most important, we recognize that forgiveness is embedded in almost every religion practiced on the planet.

We believe that an openness to the divine is powerful component of this therapy, however it is totally up to our clients if they choose to formally incorporate spirituality in the therapeutic process. We believe it is important that we at least offer our clients this option.