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Come Experience A Different Type of Therapy

We are emotional, spiritual, and relational beings and our health and life is best supported when all three are fully aligned. I believe is that a fulfilling life comes from recognizing our emotional struggles for what they are - a calling to fully know who we are, accept ourselves and all others, and love passionately. I use an innovative form of therapy called New Decision Therapy which combines acupressure and forgiveness to help clients understand and break old patterns of thinking, behaving, and relating.
When we first established our practice, we looked to our clients to help us describe the benefits of this therapy. One of our clients described the therapy this way: ``Its like nothing I have experienced before. It is truly an emotional detox``. This approach brings healing and an immense sense of connectedness to self, God and all others.

Dr. Joan Samuels-Dennis

Dr. Samuels-Dennis is the director and Founder of Becoming Canada and Trinity Centre. She established Becoming Canada in response to a deep and spiritually-driven desire to inspire and transform the lives of people overwhelmed by the stressors and trials encountered over their lifetime.

Dr. Samuels-Dennis completed her PhD at the University of Western Ontario with clinical and research expertise in mental health promotion and trauma-informed health service delivery. She is currently an adjunct professor at Trinity Western University with research and clinical work keenly focused on  perfecting the efficacy of an innovative form of therapy called New Decision Therapy.

She is the co-editor of Becoming: The Journey to Self Love, a compilation of stories that demonstrate women’s movement from places of suffering to full knowledge and connection to self, others, and God. She is transformational visionary whose live speaking engagements help reveal the purpose and intentions for all our lived experiences.

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