Becoming our true selves is a process that is divinely orchestrated. Each of us have a purpose that intimately connects with our lived experience including our trials and struggles. We are born to make a series of discoveries: First that we are Children of a loving Creator. Second, that we have a divine task to complete while we are here on the planet.

You may have come to this website because you are struggling with your life, relationships, and career. You may be encountering significant life stressors and challenges that make you question what life is all about. Rest assured, their is a purpose to all you are experiencing. Contrary to common belief, trials and struggles have a purpose. They must be viewed with new light. They are not just occurring to make you miserable. Receive them as a cosmic nudge to remember and fulfill your purpose. You are visiting this site, not by accident. It is time to surrender of the temporarily adapted self and transform to the beautiful spirit you are meant to BECOME.

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Whether you are inquiring about the benefits of our innovative counselling services, interested in inviting Dr. Samuels-Dennis to a speaking engagement, or pursuing an opportunity to write with the Becoming Book Series, we are happy to work with you. Please give us a call at 905-951-7779 or send us an e-mail to

When you call us about our individual or couples therapy we will:

  • Identify the emotional problems you may be experiencing and how we can best serve you.

  • Provide an orientation to our approach

  • Discuss our fees, our client-practitioner agreement, and give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have

  • Develop a counselling plan and alter the plan as needed

  • Work with you from a place of complete compassion and love until you feel balanced and harmonious

When you contact us about a speaking engagement, we will:

  • Check our availability

  • Review your budget

  • Schedule a meeting to discuss the purpose/intention of the event

  • Develop a proposal that both parties sign

  • Deliver an engaging and transforming speech to your audience

When you contact us about writing with BECOMING, we will:

  • Complete a contributor interview

  • Review samples of your writing

  • Prepare you for the writing process

  • Support you from project start to finish

  • Involve you in some aspects of the marketing and book launch process.


We use New Decision Therapy (NDT) to help our clients permanently release UNRESOLVED EMOTIONS from the past and begin living life to the fullest. We believe that all therapies should focus on integrating and balancing the mind, body, and spirit and New Decision Therapy achieves just that! Our therapy is unique in that we use acupressure points on the body to identify the types of emotional problems you are experiencing and the precise moment in time when the problem began. Once a moment in time is identified, we use a forgiveness-based therapy to release the hold the event has had on your life and health.