Are you struggling with ANXIETY OR DEPRESSION?

Are you struggling with CHRONIC FATIGUE or a PHYSICAL ILLNESS your doctor can't fully explain?

Is your MARRIAGE in trouble? Are you and your partner considering DIVORCE?

Are you struggling with INATTENTIVENESS at work?

Are you experiencing DISCRIMINATION or HARASSMENT at school or at work?

Is your ANGER out of control? or Do you live with someone whose ANGER scares you?

Do you live with a looming and deep FEAR or INSECURITYabout the future?

Are you LONELY and desiring the presence of a LOVING PARTNER in your life?


Imagine a THERAPY AND PROCESS that does not rely on you to identify the true source of your struggles.

Imagine a therapy that USES YOUR BODY to access the information needed to release you permanently from the things that keep you trapped in a cycle of repeating old and TOXIC PATTERNS of thinking, speaking and behaving.

Imagine a therapy that successfully moves past all the ROAD BLOCKS that usually stop you from making permanent change.

Imagine a therapy that is FAST AND EFFECTIVE.

Imagine a therapy that allows you to BECOME YOUR TRUE SELF.

Imagine a therapy that ENDS.





BECOMING THERAPY is a powerful counselling/coaching technique that combines Eastern and Western understanding of health and well-being. It uses acupressure to guide the therapeutic process, cognitive behaviour therapy embedded in a forgiveness process, and practical spiritual teachings to help every client understand the true source of their struggle.

This unique and powerful approach helps every client permanently release UNRESOLVED EMOTIONS and FEARS from the past and begin living a life filled with energy, power, love, clarity and purpose.

In 5 to 8 sessions clients who have tried all other sorts of counselling technique experience the resolution of depressive and anxiety symptoms. Anger management issues disappear. Relationships are transformed and become more fulfilling. Even the progression of chronic illnesses disappear or slow down. You will finally have clarity about what your life is suppose to look like and the strength to shift things so your life lines up with the deepest and purest desire of your heart. 1 year after completing our sessions, our clients are happier, healthier, and more satisfied with every aspect of their life.

Its unique. Its powerful. Its tailored to your needs.